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It simply takes ten minutes to create a Vizhil seller account, and it only needs three documents. To guarantee a flawless account creation process, adhere to the checklist. You can expedite the account creation procedure and quickly begin selling online on Vizhil if you have these documents ready.

Do you lack a GSTIN?

  • 1.To generate for your internet business, follow the steps below.
  • 2.Visit and sign up or log in.
  • 3.Please complete the GST Enrolment Application Form.
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You can sell your products in more than 3000 categories on Vizhil, which gives a wide selection. These categories only scratch the surface of the vast array of options accessible on Vizhil, giving vendors plenty of chances to expose their goods to a sizable consumer base. These are a few well-liked categories to think about when selling online:

Favored product categories in India

Online Mobile Device Sales

Online Clothing Sales

Online Saree Sales

Online Electronics Sales

Online Women's Clothing Sales

Online Shoe Sales

Online Jewelry Sales

Online T-Shirt Sales

Online Furniture Sales

Online Makeup Sales

Online Painting Sales

Online Watch Sales

Online Book Sales

Online Household Goods Sales

Online Kurtis Sales

Online Beauty Product Sales

Online Toy Sales

Online Appliance Sales

Online Shirt Sales

Online Indian Clothing Sales

List Products

What exactly is a listing? The process of registering your product on the Vizhil platform, making it available to buyers, and allowing them to see and purchase your product is referred to as listing. It entails constructing a complete product page with vital information such as the product title, description, photos, pricing, and other pertinent features. A well-written listing attracts potential buyers and makes it easier to sell your product on Vizhil.

Storage & Shipping

Congratulations on your first purchase! Vizhil knows the importance of rapid and dependable delivery in secure packaging when it comes to distributing your products to clients.

You have two fulfillment choices from which to choose.

Vizhil Fulfillment (VF)

Vizhil non-fulfillment (VNF)

Consider the fulfillment option that best meets your needs and preferences to ensure that your products are delivered to Vizhil customers on time and in a secure manner.

Vizhil Fulfillment (VF)

By utilizing Vizhil's Fulfilment by Vizhil (FBF) service, you may eliminate concerns regarding storage, packing, shipping, and delivery. FBF provides a comprehensive solution that takes care of all of your shipping needs under one roof. You can rely on Vizhil to manage the entire process, from keeping your products to carefully packing and transporting them to customers, with FBF. Enjoy a stress-free experience and concentrate on expanding your business while Vizhil handles the logistics.

  • Assured badge pickup from seller location to Vizhil warehouse
  • faster client delivery
  • Order processing is quick and easy.
  • Customer refunds are handled from beginning to end.
  • Quality selection recommendation for warehouse space
  • Strict quality controls
  • Packaging materials of high quality

Vizhil Non-Fulfillment (VNF)

You can profit from end-to-end delivery of your products straight from your location to the client using Non-Fulfillment by Vizhil (NFBF). Before the Vizhil agent comes at the seller's location, it is the seller's obligation to ensure that the merchandise is properly packaged and ready for distribution. This solution gives you complete control over the packaging process while utilizing Vizhil's logistics network for fast and dependable delivery.

  • Delivery to over 19000 pin codes in India
  • Customer service for returns on your goods
  • Logistics assistance is offered from the communal warehouse.

Assured by Vizhil is an exclusive dependability program designed to provide your items more visibility and rewards. By joining in Assured, your products will be subjected to additional quality inspections and will be delivered within 2-4 days of ordering. The Assured tag not only guarantees speedier delivery but also increases visibility, quality, and orders for your products. It acts as Vizhil's trust seal, emphasizing dependability and quickness. Earning the Assured badge can lead to increased revenue and consumer trust, boosting your whole online selling experience on Vizhil.

Receive Payments

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Grow More Rapidly

At Vizhil, we understand that you may require additional assistance with your online business at times. As a result, with your Vizhil seller account, you receive access to a variety of tools and support features aimed at fostering business success. These are some examples:

  • Price Recommendation Tool: Assists you in determining the best cost for your products.
  • Product Recommendation Tool: This tool recommends popular and trending products to help you widen your product options.
  • Vizhil Ads: Allows you to advertise your products and reach a wider audience.
  • Paid Account Management Services: Provides specialized account management assistance for individualized direction.
  • Catalog and photoshoot services: Helps with the creation of high-quality product catalogues and images.
  • Catalog and photoshoot services: Helps with the creation of high-quality product catalogues and images.
  • Shopping Festivals, among other things: Take part in spectacular sales events and advertising efforts.

Seller Portal

We understand how important it is to be connected to your Vizhil online company no matter where you are. As a result, we provide the Vizhil Seller Hub App, your dependable partner for running your business on the move.

  • The Seller Hub App allows you to easily manage your listings.
  • Make and maintain a listing
  • Order management and fulfillment
  • Inventory tracking Payments Advertising Business Insights
  • Seller Assistance and more
  • The Seller Hub App allows you to stay connected and in control of your Vizhil business.


What distinguishes us is our amazing Vizhil seller support. We prioritize your requirements and provide you with timely service, whether you have questions, concerns, or need assistance with your business. Our committed team is here to assist you every step of the way, ensuring that your selling experience on Vizhil is seamless and successful. Please get in touch with us whenever you assistance; we are always available to help. Know more......