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Vendor: TechBlast Electronics

"Joining Vizhil as a vendor has been a game-changer for TechBlast Electronics. The platform's global reach significantly expanded our customer base. The Shopping Festival allowed us to showcase our latest products and connect with tech enthusiasts worldwide. The seamless integration and user-friendly interface make managing our storefront a breeze. We appreciate the platform's commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, making it a win-win for both vendors and customers.

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Vendor: Fresh Harvest Groceries

"As a vendor specializing in fresh produce, being part of Vizhil has been nothing short of amazing. The platform's commitment to quality and freshness aligns perfectly with our brand values. The Shopping Festival provided a significant boost in sales, and the real-time analytics helped us tailor our offerings to customer preferences. The Vizhil team's support and dedication to vendor success make it an ideal platform for any grocery business looking to thrive online."

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Vendor: Wanderlust Travel Bookings

"Joining Vizhil's platform has been a fantastic experience for our travel bookings business. The festival season brought a surge in bookings, and the exposure to a diverse audience has been invaluable. The mobile app's user-friendly design ensures a seamless experience for our customers, and the exclusive festival promotions added an extra layer of excitement. Vizhil has proven to be a reliable and supportive partner in our journey to redefine the travel bookings industry."

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Vendor: Home Harmony Services

"Vizhil has transformed the way we offer home services. The platform's extensive reach allows us to connect with customers in need of our services, from plumbing to landscaping. During the Shopping Festival, we saw a surge in service bookings, and the vendor-centric tools provided by Vizhil made managing appointments and customer interactions straightforward. The ability to showcase our services alongside other vectors adds value to our presence on the platform. Highly recommend!"

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